Our Interview with Ariel...

 18 August 2017

Ariel - August 17
How are you involved with Monash Youth Services (MYS)?

I've been involved in Young Women Leadership Program (YWLP) 2016, Clayton Festival 2017 and the Refugee week event 2017.

How has being involved in the program helped you to achieve your goals?

Involving in the program helps me in both my mental and social health and overall development. One of my goals is to share my ideas and views among the people and with others with a lot more confidence. Through my participation, I am improving my public speaking skills. I also came to know a lot of people in the community like Siobhan from MYS and other young people from the Monash area.

How do you think your involvement in the program or MYS has strengthened the community?

As I am involved in MYS or other programs it makes me feel good about myself and I learn that there are so many new things in the world which is beyond my knowledge that I never knew about it. I have received a lot of support and this support offered to me helps supporting other people in return. This gives me an opportunity to bring my friends and family together into the community even more. For example two of my friends came with me to perform at Clayton Festival.

Tell us about a time you have taken on a new opportunity or challenge?

After YWLP program I had an opportunity to perform in Clayton Festival with my friends. Also having a chance to share my personal life story at City of Monash Refugee Week event. It was quite a challenge sharing my story in front of people which I thought I'd never do. But I did it! I overcame the challenge with a lot of support and I was proud that as a young person living in Australia just for two years, I was able to stand in front of so many people with English as my third language.

Would you rather eat pizza or ice cream every day for the rest of your life?

I hate pizza! That might be a harsh word for pizza lovers.

I would eat ice-cream instead forever.

What is your favourite piece of music, movie or television show at the moment?

I like all kinds of music and piano makes me feel calm and help me to concentrate more in life.

Do you have any advice for other young people thinking about getting involved in their community?

Yes I, do. To young people especially like me (Refugees) "Forget about who you were yesterday and remember who you gonna be tomorrow", " Take off your cover and show yourself". Involving in the community will benefit you in becoming more confident, developing friendship & improving knowledge. Make sure you volunteer your time to help in the community.