National Youth Week Review

 26 April 2017


On the 6th of April, the National Youth Week committee hosted the Youth Sports day event for 2017. The day started off with enthusiastic coaches teaching young people how to play a great game of soccer and basketball. Following this, migrant speakers from Vietnam and Afghanistan, shared their inspiring stories of their journey to Australia. After hearing some stomachs growling, all the participants went off to enjoy some good old barbecue and fairy bread. To sum up an amazing day, all the crew and youths gathered together to play a thrilling and fun game of soccer and basketball! 

 The Monash Youth Sports Day aimed to bring together refugee and migrant young people and to help integrate them into the Monash community. This event was to celebrate National Youth Week; a week full of diverse activities across Victoria for the youth. As a current issue in the media and in local communities, the sports day provided a uniting opportunity for various cultures to meet in such an impartial and positive environment.

 The event came and went, with over 60 young people, everyone made it a success. The end result was a great result. The youths all arrived on time, the games ran smoothly and the coaches were very enthusiastic. The food provided filled everyone up and gave them energy to shoot hoops and kick goals. 

 The event was developed by an amazing group of young people with different backgrounds and ages. This group volunteered their time whilst juggling uni life, work and school. Their contribution to this great event was because of their drive to change the community.  

Written by members of the Monash National Youth Week Committee

Bec, Angela, Mrinalini, Laurene, Mehdi, Naomi, Izza, Noelene, Qian and Fatima.